Green House

boiler for greenhouse

boiler for greenhouse

Heating in greenhouse is one of the oldest horticultural revolution. Generally, hot water boiler is widely used as the central heating system. A central boiler is used to heat water between about 120F and 180F. it could used for crops drying.

Suitable Boiler For House Boiler

The fuel used for coal/biomass-fired hot water boilers is coal, and the heat transfer medium is thermal media water. Coal has a lower calorific value and a lower price. Using boiler heating for heating, hot water pipes can be freely arranged in greenhouses, closely related to the crop requirements of greenhouses. The denser the pipe layout, the greenhouse temperature distribution of the greenhouse uniform, the smaller the temperature fluctuations. In addition, since the specific heat capacity of water is relatively large, greenhouse greenhouses are less affected by interference, and thus the temperature fluctuations in greenhouses are relatively small. The thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers generally increases as the capacity of the boiler increases.


DZH Moving Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler

DZH Moving Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler is single drum three-return water tube and fire tube steam boiler. The boiler uses the vaulted tube plate, spiral gas tube to make the thermal efficiency higher and output capacity sufficient.

DZH Moving Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler

DZH Moving Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler


Price of Green House Boiler

The price of green house boilers is based on the capacity and accessories. Generally, the accessories of boilers include burner/grate, electric controller, steam header, water softener, BFW pump, platform ladder, and chimney, etc. If you would like to use the specific devices (brand, materials, quantity, etc.) or the additional equipment (air preheater, economizer, condenser, etc.), the prices are quite different. So, if you would like to get the exact price, please inquire for the details.

How to Select a Proper Boiler for Green House

1.Determine the capacity of the boiler. The boiler capacity should based on the Heating Load Curve or Heat Balance Diagram, and includes the heat loss in pipelines, self-used heat of boiler room, available used waste heat. While, usually, it is difficult to get the Heating Load Curve, the heating load could get based on the max thermal consumption per hour within production/heating/domestic, and then determine by using the coefficient.

2.Determine the boiler heating parameters, including pressure, temperature, etc.

3.Determine the boiler efficiency. In order to benefit for economic management, the boilers should have high thermal efficiency, and the boiler output, quantity and other performances have to adapt to the change of heat loading.

4.It is better to select the boilers with same capacity or combustion equipment. If different, the max limitation is two models, to decrease the problems of equipment layout and management.