10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler

10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler Introduction

Steam boiler refers to an industrial boiler that heats water to a certain parameter and produces high-temperature steam. The water is heated in the drum and turns into steam. The fire emits heat in the hearth. Steam boilers belong to special equipment. The design, processing, manufacture, installation and use of the boilers must all be supervised by the technical supervision department. Users can use steam boilers only if they have obtained boiler use certificates.

10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler Advantages

1.The steam production is stable, the steam boiler has a very large steam space and the steam quality is also better.
2.Steam boilers are very small, they are beautiful and they are very convenient to use.
3.Intelligent control, steam boiler adopts PLC microcomputer can program control sea area display screen, also can display the operating parameters of the equipment and fault alarm, through the man-machine interface to achieve the purpose of automatic control
4.Large capacity fuel chamber.:* The addition of enough fuel can burn for several hours, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the furnace workers.
5.Energy saving and environmental protection:The thermal efficiency of the boiler is up to 85% and the energy-saving effect is obvious. After the gas has been gasified in the furnace, the fuel is completely burned and smokeless.

10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler Application

1.Compact structure, convenient installation and migration, small footprint, and infrastructure investment.
2.Flue gas flushes convection tube bundles by forced rotation, multi-return multi-cycle, full use of heating surface and residual heat, increase thermal efficiency
3.Unique combustion method, water seal type slag, can guarantee the gas seal, but also can effectively reduce the dust spread, make the boiler room clean.
4.The arched tube plate and the threaded tobacco pipe are used to form the drum. The heat transfer efficiency is high, the pressure rise is fast, the output is sufficient, the overload capacity is strong, and the dust accumulation in the smoke pipe is not easy to solve the problem of cracking in the tube plate.
5.It is stable in operation, easy to adjust, and unique in the design of anti-leakage air. It has a long sealing time.

10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler Case

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10 ton/hour hot Water boiller and steam boiler Service

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